Turn the mirror upon yourself: most days at work are you doing what motivates others to buy from you? Are you creating interest and excitement in ways that others see value in you and in your product? or better yet: Have you taken the time to reflect on what you are doing, exactly, on those days when you are connecting most with potential customers and they are highly interested in your product or service and ultimately end-up buying from you?

For the last 15 years, I’ve worked and consulted closely with successful organizations and professional individuals to understand that a higher rate of success comes to those that intentionally apply influential techniques during every customer interaction. It is remarkable to see and witness how sales professionals close most deals by their ability to connect and motivate people.

How they do it?

Successful sales professionals understand that in order to best connect with customers they have to align their influence with their customer’s consumer internal motivators. As for those sales professionals who underperform in sales, as you might expect, their effort lacks of influence and knowledge into what really motivates consumers to buy.

That probably sounds like a no-brainer, right? Then answer this: why don’t they do something about it?

The problem is; most sales people feel either helpless or have not discovered what drives consumers to buy. Many will just keep doing the same sales approach without any help to improve their interactive process. Unfortunately, without gaining knowledge and skill, the fixes out there are much too simplistic and categorical to help sales people. I have found that every person on this planet has a motivator thumbprint of what makes him or her most emotionally connected too.

From the research, in general, there are 5 most common consumer motivators.

  1. The need to feel significant in the presence of an individual and or a team
  2. The feeling of being connected to the overall mission or product
  3. The need to be able to have choices and variety
  4. The need for growth and advancement
  5. The need to feel safe and secure

The bottom line is this: If you want current and or potential customers to like you, be interested in your product and service, and ultimately buy from you -you’ve got to learn how to ignite these consumer motivators through the use of intentional influential techniques. The trick is to understand what these influential techniques are and how these work to secure the sale.

Most influential techniques derive from these top five psychological factors:

  1. Building rapport through positive association
  2. Reciprocal affection
  3. Social proof
  4. Commonality
  5. Primacy

The influential techniques work like magic in sparking buying behavior. When sales professionals understand and apply these techniques during every sales interaction, they immediately have an impact by increasing their ability to connect with customers, boosts sales and make more money. I call this type of modification “influential sculpting.”

For the sales workforce the benefit of this process is obvious. For the organization, the payback can be extremely powerful; as “influential sculpting” can help increase satisfaction in customer service and boost employee morale and thus; improve employee retention.

So, do you have to learn a new sales methodology? Not typically. As a sales coach, I teach people to make small changes in their everyday sales approach and to apply intentional influential techniques on the path they were already on to increase their ability to close the deal. Did I say this is a simple process: No – but it does require practice and focus. Does it require a sales coach to inspire, practice and make it an ability: Yes. But is it worth it? Absolutely!