LaSo Business Consulting Services Partners with Houston Community College, Camara de Empresarios Latinos and LEAD to Educate Houston Entrepreneurs


Great news! Community partners have joined forces to educate, support and inspire the entrepreneurship community in Houston Texas.  Houston Community College (HCC), Cámara de Empresarios Latinos de Houston (CELH), Lead Exchange and Development (L.E.A.D.), and LaSo Business Consulting Services have partnered to create educational programs offered to local entrepreneurs.

Houston Economic Growth

Partnership with CELH

Partnership with CELH

Partnership with Houston LEAD

Partnership with Houston LEAD

According to the local Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), when it comes to Houston’s  economic growth, entrepreneurs have a lot to contribute. Entrepreneurs provide new job  opportunities in the short and long term.  They are an important aspect of Houston’s  community development that boosts economic growth.  Increased competition from  entrepreneurs challenges existing businesses to become more competitive.  Houston’s  entrepreneurial activity raises the productivity of business economies and accelerates  structural change by replacing failing and stalled businesses.

Benefit to The Community

The benefit to our community grows when entrepreneurs learn to develop their ideas, learn to use innovating-friendly marketing, create business plans and reap the rewards of their time invested in learning and planning.  Ernesto Lanata, managing partner of LaSo Business Consulting Services, says “We believe that this partnership benefits our Houston community.  Through our partnership effort, we created classes relevant to the new generation of entrepreneurs.  These classes create new sources of competitive business advantage through entrepreneur-focused development that will add to a more diverse and resilient economy.”

The dynamic of these classes is also relevant to the education of local entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs face a substantial risk of failure; it is through the expertise of this partnership that it generated ideas to organize, teach and hands-on train entrepreneurs to be more effective and become smarter at operating their business to reduce the risk of failure. “It is an honor to support small business development and growth in our community” says Jennifer Kellough Holmes, Director of Entrepreneurship Initiatives, Houston Community College.  “Together, we can mobilize people, share resources and create innovative practices that are fundamental to help entrepreneurs succeed.”

To help entrepreneurs get off to the best start possible, these partnerships offers a number of classes and resources that provide information about business planning, organization, financing, sales training, distribution and pricing, management and marketing.

How to Access the Help

Local entrepreneurs can go to Houston Community College (HCC), Cámara de Impresarios Latinos de Houston (CELH), Lead Exchange and Development (LEAD) and LaSo Business Consulting Services to register for these classes.

To register for the June 27th class, to be held at the Camara de Empresarios Latinos Office, located at 7047 Harrisburg Blvd., Second Floor, Houston, Texas 77011 – click here