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Lanata & Solis Business Consulting Services,  L.L.C.

Lanata & Solis, L.L.C is a management consulting company focused in assisting small and medium sized companies. Our Mission is to provide uncompromised professional consulting services. With an exclusive focus on the internal operation, we bring a unique business perspective and expertise to offer our clients solutions to their ever-changing needs.


We help entrepreneurs develop viable business plans to serve as their guide to start their business, to present to potential investors or to acquire loans from lending a organization.


Our services are aimed at helping these small businesses rethink and refocus their business processes and roles so that they can develop a stronger and profitable organization.


We help foreign investors looking to establish a business in the United States of America by creating them a thorough business plan as required by the Immigration Office.


We help entrepreneurs create organizations focused on a systematic application of streamlined processes to improve operations, customer service, employee retention, growth and profits.


We provide high end consulting to small and medium size companies in the United States, looking to setup or improve their business and managerial practices.


These services focus on the analysis of the client’s company and the creation of high performance work culture; incorporating strategies and tactics that improve financial performance, workforce engagement, productivity, operational efficiencies, higher revenues and increased profits.


Our services offer a complete business plan which aligns all the required efforts to achieve the desired business goals.
The plans we create address the strategies and necessary steps to achieve the desired results as expressed by the owner’s goals and objectives. These include the business’s mission, vision and general description; the sales and marketing plan and the financial plan.
The general uses of our business plans include Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) requirements, loan applications, capital investment procurement and, the most important reason to have a business plan, the owner’s understanding of the requirements to achieve the stated goals and objectives of the business.


Our back office Support provides the resources to improve the performance of our clients’ human resource management by resolving the following aspects:

  • Improved hiring practices
  • Outsource payroll responsibilities
  • Access affordable employee benefits
  • Developing risk mitigation strategies

These are group sessions dedicated to improve sales skills for sales representatives within a company or as independent individuals. Among the services provided under this category are:

  • System and Process Evaluations
  • Culture Change & Adaptation
  • Sales Manager Training
  • Sales Team Development.

These services provide the training and coaching necessary to improve the effectiveness of the company’s executives, mid-level managers and line employees in the areas of management, leadership, sales, team work and self-improvement.


Within our Leadership Training Program, the following are some of the topics offered:

  • Professional Leadership
  • Career Development
  • Personal Performance Improvement
  • Management Skills Development
  • Influential Skills
  • Coaching Skills
  • Team Optimization
  • Succession Planning


Read what some of our clients are saying about our services and training.

“Immediately after our first meeting, I realized how important it was to have an expert like Ernesto to write and guide us through the creative process of making this plan come together. Ernesto went well beyond our expectations in making suggestions in other directions that we could take our business to a different level… One of the best benefits was that he showed us an area where we could immediately save a few thousand dollars which basically paid for his services with money left over. “

Mike May

President, USA Padel

Moises, your sales training class was amazing! I wanted to pass along a few of the comments I heard from the members about your Sales Training:

  • “I have been to plenty of workshops, but in the whole two years, THIS has been the best one ever!”
  • “Everyone was on the edge of their seats, and that NEVER happens!”
  • “Most beneficial workshop hands down, everyone was engaged!”
  • “I will always remember the 3 P’s”
  • “That dude killed it!”
  • “Where did you get this guy from? He’s awesome!”
  • “Keep bringing Moises back”
  • “Moises addressed the topics that were inappropriate and had great ways to start a conversation”
  • “loved the interaction & group activity”
Jose Estrada

Public Relations Director, Hispanic Business Student Association

“Ernesto is a very committed person, very knowledgeable, and deeply involved in providing guidance with any matter relating to business. He is always willing to help with a very professional attitude, without reservations or concerns with other matters that may potentially interfere. We are now, and will continue to be very thankful for Ernesto’s involvement with our management team.”

Omar Abugaber Aranda

CFO, A7 International Group LLC



Meet our team of professionals. Our executives will assist your with your business needs.


Ernesto Lanata

Ernesto Lanata

Ernesto Lanata’s professional background covers a wide range of industries and business scenarios. He started in Lima, Peru in the banking industry, where he attained the position of Branch Manager. This experience gave him the opportunity to hone in his management skills. From there, he started a small retail store selling metal tubing and iron products in Lima. Due to terrorism, he moved to Canada and worked as a business consultant for 4 years, helping small businesses write their business plans and get started, navigating through the challenges of managing all aspects of a start-up company. He acquired his MBA degree from the University of Alberta. From there he went to work as a Business Development Manager of a software company, before moving to Miami to become the editor of a car magazine for 3 years. In 2003 he became a business consultant for an international company and traveled all over the US and Canada to help small and medium size businesses turn their economic conditions around. During those 7 years he learned to handle all kinds of business challenges, financial conditions, industries, and personalities. He was the CFO of a local company for three years before he decided to start an independent consulting practice in 2013.


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Take a look at our upcoming events or learn about our training classes on business planning and sales.


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